A few impressions from the WOC-sessions at the 36th SICOT ORTHOPAEDIC WORLD CONGRESS in Guangzhou-China , 17-19 September 2015.

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From Newsletter 176 2015-10 I:

The second important “occasion” was the first presentation of the new commemorative medal, the “TKS”,   to Professor Deven Taneja, from Indore. TKS is the natural abbreviation for Professor Shanmugasundaram, that dynamic teacher and past President of WOC, who had such a seminal influence on the Society.  One of his past students, Professor Rajasekaran, Coimbatore, introduced the presentation and the dedicatee, leaving Professor Taneja to review his own life in Orthopaedics and the enormous clinics he ran in camps, which characterised the years of poliomyelitis and tuberculosis.

Moderator: Michael Laurence (UK), President WOC (2012-2015) and Newsletter-editor ( April 2004 - today!).

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New WOC-chairman John-Paul Dormans (r) with speakers Jan Noyez (m) and Lieven Dossche (l) from Belgium.

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