Huckstep Memorial Clinic (UGANDA 2015)

Last 2 weeks of June 2015 WOC-NL organized again an orthopaedic camp in Kumi-hospital (Uganda).

Antoon Schlösser reports (August 2015):

“Dr Bas van Fraassen and I were driving from Kumi to Mbale (in the south) to visit there the general hospital and a private institution, when my eye was drawn to a little sign along the road (see attachments) indicating Hucksteps name!

On our way back we followed this sign and after some kilometers on a bicycle-goat-track, where cars or not supposed to pass, and through fields and along some huts we finally reached a place where a patient with a forearm-plaster was sitting in front of some “buildings – Uganduan banda style”!

We entered the building and met there Mr Oumo Levi. He proved to be a student of the late professor Ron Huckstep, who qualified as an orthopedic officer and went even with Huckstep for some time to  Stoke Mandeville-UK (see the name-tag in a book of Crawford Adams). After that period Oumo returned to Uganda and had been working till his retirement in several places, among others in Mulago-Hospital in Kampala.

After his retirement (he is now 75) he built the Huckstep Memorial Clinic in his home village, where he – among his children and 14 grandchildren- is still practicing and offering help in fracture treatment completely along the lines of his great and lamented teacher.

He showed us very proud the books on his desk (of Huckstep and Crawford Adams), completely falling apart because of intensive use.

So we congratulated him with his work and promised him to bring him some new books (next time when my colleague Bas is visiting Kumi again – Jan next year) and some materials.

His postal address is:  Oumo Levi, c/o Akulony Primary School, P.O. Box 338 KUMI-UGANDA

We have send this report also to Huckstep’s old friend Geoffrey Walker, who will present an obituary at the WOC-UK session at the BOA in September and to Hucksteps family.”

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